Parker Piano Outlet has nearly 7,000 square feet of new and used pianos ready for quick delivery!

Choose from famous brands such as Yamaha, Petrof, Kohler & Campbell,Knabe, Steinway,Baldwin and others.

With such a huge variety of brands to choose from, selecting a piano can be a chore, but our experienced staff of musicians, technicians and tuners can assist you in finding the perfect instrument for your needs. This is one of the many reasons why we have obtained the Yamaha Touchstone award of Excellence for every year since 1997.

When buying a piano there are 7 keys to making a good investment; tone, touch, beauty, tuning stability, long life, image and reputation, and value.

As your musical skills and demands increase, we offer a 100% trade up option on your original purchase. This means we will give you 100% of the original price you paid on your previous purchase as a credit toward your upgraded purchase! This is a great way to move up without having the hassle of selling your piano. Contact us for more details on this offer.